How do I Begin A Raw Diet?

February 13, 20112

First, you need to open your cabinet and take out and throw away every box, bag, can and bottle of food! What you say? Scary isn't it? I'm here to tell you its going to be fun, exciting, different, hard, frustrating and all kinds of other emotions! But be patient with yourselves. Rome was not built in a day! :). Just think of it as a new adventure! Aren't you just a little bit curious about this so called Raw Food Diet? I mean people talk like its the cure all for everything! There has been talk that some really scary diseases have been cured! But is it going to work for you? I cant say it will but I can tell you you will feel freer, more energized than you have ever felt before!! Will you get the same reaction, will it cure all your diseases?

I'm not going to say it cures all but I will say you WILL notice the changes! My advice is just take it slow. Each day or week add more and more raw fruits and veggies. And eat until you are full. If you still have to have some cooked food that's fine. It gets easier once you incorporate more and more raw food into your diet. You will have some cravings, I will tell you in a later post what you can do for those cravings.

I am going to promise that you will notice a change once you stop eating cooked food. You will go through highs and lows, some days may be worse than others. Remember, you have been eating dead lifeless food for a very long time and its going to take some time to rid your body of all those toxins.

You will go through a period of detox. Some people detox right away, others it takes a few months, for me it took 6 months, and some people are lucky and don't go through much at all. As I said before you need to be patient and take it slow.

Get a spiral notebook and start a journal. Write down everything, what you ate that day, how much, when and how it made you feel. Write down what you were doing when you ate that peace of pie, cake or whatever. Know your triggers and what to stay away from. Like for me the TV was the problem, if I sat down in front of the TV and my hands were idle, nothing in them, then that is when I started thinking about food and a typical reaction was to head straight for the frig! And once I got started it was hard to quit!

Don't beat yourself up this is all new to you! Make a smoothie! Take a handful of spinach, or kale or turnip greens, 1 cup of water, a banana, blueberries or fresh pineapple slices and put them on in a blender! Yes the color is yucky, but oh does it taste good! An orange in place of the water is really good. Make a fruit smoothie out of oranges, bananas and strawberries! This is so yummy! If you get hungry eat! But reach for those veggies or an apple or something along that line.

Cracker! Cracker! Crackers!

If you have ever wanted to learn to make crackers come to the Raw Food  get together on February 26, 2012 at 3 pm. The address is:  3426 Gifford Dr, Shreveport, LA (map). 

A lot of the members from our Raw Food group wanted to learn how to make flax crackers. So that is just what we are going to do! Bring a bag of flax seeds and any spices or herbs to compliment it! We are also going to snack so if you prefer to watch and learn bring along some veggies and or any raw dish you would like.

Check the discussion board  on  for recipes! I hope to see you there! While your there sign up to be a member!

Raw Blessings!

Living Proof Vitamin C Works!!!!!

This is the story of a farmer that came back from the dead. A must see video!!!

A Miracle of Vitamin C

Trader Joe's

My husband and I visited a organic grocery store today in Seattle and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the foods and the prices. I was so relieved when I could buy my nuts and nut butters. I didn't find any carob or cacao, or tahini. But for the most part all the organics were there and fruit. I was happy. Even  my husband found the meat inexpensive there. It would be nice to have a store in the east Texas area with most if not all the foods I need in one area and not have to run to twenty different stores!

Trader Joe's was the name of the store. I've never heard of the place except online but I would love to get them down in East Texas! Wish I knew who to talk to......